Latronic Strag

Sara Deniz Akant, Latronic Strag

Its origin: gray area, hoop earring. Binary, trinity, dot dot dot. I heart Central Park on her Atari harmonica. Hot metropolitan doppelgangers and their designer neologisms. A digital roll call: all the little piggies, parroting pirates, lobotomized kites, hobo strollers. Hobgoblins are hovering in the cloud cover. Inside, snow glows, limelight-white.



Only Voyage

Aaron Lowinger, Only Voyage

This is living. Poetry, friends, bound by keyring, freewheelin' around the kingdom, crying out loud. We lost boys ride side-stapled to the old soul's Toyota. Apostles to lots of coffee and endless talking shit. How we know, what we know, that nothing, nowhere, here nor there, ground beneath goes through the air. The Thruway it's down on paper. I promise you, spirit only.


Death TV

Colby Somerville, Death TV 1-6
Lightful Press

Behold the heavens divided and ploded episodic. My fellow picnickers, meanwhile, we're mapping our nappies. Do a folio flyover. Infer an I to renai-reconaissance - insect data centers, intercept xy, interdict missiles. The poet will redirect yr echolalia acrostically - through lines, delicately latticed, lacing for miles. Displays of violence beget displays of violence. Backgrounds buzzy w/ pinpoint potential.


Imaginary Portraits

Joshua Ware, Imaginary Portraits 
Greying Ghost Press

This collection is singular as sunscreen or interstate. Its places at once commune with a nature not politics, $, and data. Complicate - don't compute - the words "Middle America." Prairie-bruises. We skype in a skylight of bluebirds. I see myself hinge on a constant and distant denuding neither inside nor outside the bedroom. Becoming a fantasy too faint to experience.