Disseminating the famous phoneme: C, h, e. 

Biography acts as the foundation for a time-lined poem-space. I enter the future etymologies machine-gunning from his name (ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch) and examine his machete worldview's possibilities for poetic practice (chop-chop). Form forms an extreme-left margin, uncompromising, resolute, rigid and unflinching. Discipline sticks to a narrative line, his narrative line, chiseled, coherent, to the death.
Listen. Rickety decisions ricochet down his spine: Is violence a viable response to the spirit of dominance that drives this corporate machine? Will it, must it, come to blood? What will be the consequences for our consciences? I want to be earnest enough for Ernesto, yes, to ideate "Ideal -isms" and really really mean "meaning what we say." I want to stare down the evils Chevrolet-ing these days and rise up against ego's megalomaniac merchandise. But tired brains get deluded by T-shirts and hatred corrupts like cholesterol. Hey, tongue and teeth, be on your guard! (2008)

Stockport Flats: Oxbow Cutoff